Give Driving 100% of You Attention

Since Thursday afternoon, four vehicle crash incidents have occurred in our area resulting in the death of three people and severe injury to others. This morning, rescue crews responded to a one vehicle crash on Interstate 10 that had a vehicle on fire and a fatality from the person being ejected from the vehicle. In Freeport on Thursday afternoon, a family of 4 was traveling in their car on Highway 331 when another car turned into their path. It hit their car and veered their vehicle into the path of a dump truck, resulting in the mother’s death who was a passenger. The father and children were taken to the hospital. Also on Thursday afternoon on the Escambia Bay Bridge, a crash involving an 18-wheeler that caught on fire resulted in one person taken to a hospital. Lastly, and most tragic of all because it was 100% preventable included a driver looking at the 18-wheeler crash instead of focusing on his driving and failing to notice two vehicles stopped in front of his. He caused a chain reaction of three vehicles being involved in a crash. A passenger in the second vehicle died and the driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Neither the driver nor the passenger were wearing seatbelts. Please give driving your 100% attention and focus. It is a matter of life and death.

Bonnie Rushton, Driving Schools Program Director


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