Have a Happy Thanksgiving & Drive Safely

1. DO NOT DRIVE DISTRACTED. Do not let a harmless activity turn into a situation with deadly consequences. Finish what you need to do before you start your car or after you have arrived safely at your destination. Request the courtesy of a distraction free zone from your passengers.

2. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. Drinking and driving does not mix so just don’t do it! If you enjoy some holiday cheer please decide on a designated driver ahead of time. Have the numbers of cab and car services on hand and use them, these are life saving numbers for you and those that you share the road with.

3. Get enough sleep the night before and be fully awake when taking off for your trip. Being drowsy or half asleep when you first start driving, no matter what time of day it is can cause you to fall back asleep. The best way to combat this risk is to get to sleep two to three hours before your normal bedtime. If you’re leaving earlier than you’re used to getting, this extra amount of sleep will be vital to ensuring you get a full rest.

4. Don’t eat carbohydrate heavy meals while driving. Eating carbohydrates while traveling isn’t a good option because the body is more sedentary than normal. The cars are energy for your body, but when you eat a carb heavy meal and then sit for hours afterwards the carbs turn to sugar which then turns into blood glucose, which in high doses can make even non diabetic people drowsy or fall asleep. By keeping the carbohydrates down, it ensures keeping alert while driving.

5. Keep your mind active. Playing the radio on stations with music you enjoy, talking to people in the car, or taking in the scenery as long as it is safe to do so are all things you can do to stay alert. If your mind has just enough stimulation it will stay engaged in the task of driving and watching out for dangerous situations, but overstimulation will cause you to lose focus on things, and that could lead to a crash.

6. Common Tips To Remember

  • Don’t let distractions in the car take your attention from the road.
  • Check the weather forecast before leaving and during your trip to ensure safe driving conditions lay head if you have a long distance to go.
  • Don’t let other drivers who are driving badly affect you, especially if they are not causing immediate danger to you. Being upset or resorting to reactionary jerking of the wheel to avoid other drivers can lead to crashes too.
  • If you feel tired, stop and take a few minutes to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom or be physically active for 5 to 10 minutes. Being active will recharge the mind and revitalize your inactive body.
  • Always wear your safety belt and have proper car seats for the children in your car.
  • Most of all, be careful this winter holiday season and enjoy yourselves with your loved ones!

We wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Buckle Up and Drive Safe!!!


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